Alchemy Labs - Smoked Pre Workout

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SMOKED - High Stimulant Pre Workout

SMOKED is a true representation of Alchemy Labs ability to innovate and bring new cutting edge formulas to the market. SMOKED ins't your average run-of-the mill pre workout. We carefully designed & manufactured this formula in-house to give you an experience like you have never felt before and maintain our standard of perfection.

When you first experience SMOKED, you will notice the distinct palate of a smooth, & soft spiced flavor that is unlike anything you have tried before. Second, the sensations of euphoria & warmth rush throughout your body preparing you for what's to come. Lastly, you will notice unwavering amounts of energy rushing throughout your body while maintaining high levels of endurance.

SMOKED's experience is crafted around science backed ingredients that synergistic-ally come together to provide unparalleled amounts of energy, focus, endurance, and thermogenesis.*


  • Smooth & Soft Spiced Flavor
  • Euphoric Sharp Focused Energy*
  • Rushes of warmth throughout your body*
  • Enhanced Thermogenic State*
  • Unstoppable Endurance Levels*


  • Anyone wanting to push past personal records*
  • Anyone wanting to increase endurance & performance*
  • Anyone wanting to enhance fat burning & calorie burning*
  • Any pre-workout expert looking for top-shelf performance*