Allmax Agmatine Sulfate Powder

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Agmatine is a decarboxylized Arginine metabolite. More simply, Agmatine is what Arginine becomes within the body. Acting on a wide variety of processes within the body, it is known to:

Increase Nitric Oxide and maintain it for long periods of time (the “perpetual pump”)
Have an impact on the pituitary release of natural growth hormone
Act as an Anti-Anxiolytic (stress/anxiety reducer and mood enhancer), neuroprotectant
Provide added Anti-Oxidant protection.
The Function of Agmatine
Agmatine has dual functions:

A) Inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down Nitric Oxide – the result, increased (NO) Nitric Oxide.

B) The direct stimulation of NO. With increased NO you create an environment for increased nutrient delivery, improved metabolic waste removal, and most importantly, increased overall performance.