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CENTURION LABZ: LAXO-VAR (Natural Test Booster)

DESCRIPTION: Centurion Labz has developed it’s new natural testosterone booster called “LAXOVAR”. As doctors we see numerous blood panels for both men and women daily. The goal is to keep our patients mentally and physically healthy. We do see hormone imbalances from patients that took hormones incorrectly and disrupted the body’s natural homeostasis. LAXOVAR contains 120 mg (per pill) of 5a-hydroxy Laxogenin. Laxogenin is quickly becoming the number 1 natural test booster. Combined with tribulus alatus and agmatine sulfate for its absorption properties, LAXOVAR will easily raise natural and free testosterone levels. For people that want to put on extra lean muscle mass and not disrupt natural hormone levels then look no further