Myoblox: Supra

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After 3 years in the making, we’re incredibly excited to announce that SUPRA MICRO-PEPTIDES 250 is finally here! So what is SUPRA MICRO-PEPTIDES 250 you ask? Well, put simply, it’s like no other super supplement available on the market today. 

This patented and custom engineered bio-active peptide is derived from an unrivaled embryonic source rich in fibroblast and naturally occurring growth factors that help maintain homeostasis and restore cell communication. Supra’s natural growth factors are nutritional building blocks that support the human biological system to help boost endurance, support faster recovery times and increase lean muscle gains, muscle retention (even when on a calorie restricted diet) in addition to a myriad of other health benefits with zero negative side effects.†


Other Health Benefits:


Promotes cellular rejuvenation †

Boosts GH levels †

Antioxidant †

Supports REM sleep †

Supports healthy cortisol levels †

Boosts immunity †

Reduces inflammation †

Supports a healthy gut †


Put simply, if you’re training to be the best you can be, SUPRA MICRO-PEPTIDES 250 will greatly help your body ensure it’s functioning at the highest level, you’re recovering faster and ultimately restoring your youthful vitality. You take your health and wellness seriously, take a product that works as hard as you in the gym. Try SUPRA MICRO-PEPTIDES 250 today!




Is this product natural? Yes, it’s 100% natural from a non-GMO embryonic source.

Can this product be stacked? Absolutely. This is an incredibly versatile product that can be incorporated into everyone’s daily supplement regimen.

Can women take this product? Yes, absolutely.  This product was designed for EVERYBODY. As it relates to women, this product is a great supplement to assist with lean muscle growth, while not adding excess sugars and carbs, thus allowing women to retain their figure. Additionally, this product will greatly help support healthy hair, skin, and nails.